Automatic generation of "Migration" [ver 6/7/8/9]

Automatic generation of Migration/Validation
Automatic generation of
Team Sharing
  • [01/07] Changes to the terms of use for "commercial use"
  • [10/24] Please use "The Unarchiver" for ZIP file conversion on Mac [OS: Catalina]
  • [09/24] Feature Update!
  • [09/24] Support for ENUM, input like an array -> ["a", "b", "c"] (available from new project)
  • [09/24] Support for unsigned (available from new project)
  • [09/24 ] created_at, updated_at, and softDeletes are no longer automatically inserted (available from new project)
  • 【 New 】07/01 [ Contributors ] Added the word "Contributors" at the bottom of the homepage.
  • 【 New 】03/03, Automatic relation generation (Beta version) / Table confirmation function / Bug fix
  • [Recovery information] A problem occurred on 03/01. The current situation will be restored
  • [ Update ] Basic operation Movie
  • [ Update ] Basic Operation Manual(2020-02-22)
  • [ Update ] Team sharing function(2020-02-25)
  • [ Update ] Table list display function(2020-02-25)
  • [ Update ] Update of English-Japanese Q & A function (2020-02-25)
Start Movie
ER Diagram

From the ER diagram screen after LOGIN, "Save / Load data" and "Generate CRUD" can be used from the menu "Load / Save ER diagram" on the right. When the CRUD is generated, routes, models, views, controllers, and all necessary files are generated from the welcome page.


Input check is automatically generated from "Null", "Column Type" and "Column Size" according to the table definition created in the ER diagram.


Input checks are generated automatically according to the table definition type.

It is possible to create ER diagrams and generate Migration files.
Reverse Engineering

By uploading a set of Zip-zipped Migration files, you can convert them to ER diagrams.